The Land of a Million Elephants is one of the Asia's most enchanting destinations. Stunning natural beauty, a fascinating culture and a wealth of activities make Laos a superb destination for backpackers and independent travelers. Lao has a rich array of historical, cultural and Eco tourist attractions. Lao PDR is

currently honorability host a World Heritage City (Luang Prabang) and world historical site (Wat Phou Champasack). There are more than 1.000 tourist sites in La PDR. About 579 natural attractions, 257 Cultural attractions.

Communist Laos opened its doors to tourism in the early 1990s, with the last decade witnessing an explosion in development as Lao and many Thai businesses have mushroomed to cater to the increasing crowds. Laos is changing fast, but not too fast that you've missed the boat. Laos is attracting more and more travellers who consider northern Thailand to be over-developed or "touristed out" and who are looking for something less well-travelled. Ironically the vast majority of travellers in Laos stick to a very well-trodden path, but for those who are willing to put up with fewer tourist. luxuries, Laos offers outstanding potential.

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YOUNES Tourism is now one of the first and major Muslim travel agents and tour operator in.....

A mixture of Cambodian hospitality, Asian exotica and.....
The National Museum in Phnom Penh is the most significant public repository.......
Street 2 Thnou, Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk
From US$ 115
Latest Visited:2023-09-26
National Road No 6 ....
From US$ 110
Latest Visited:2023-09-24
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
providing a sweeping view of the peaceful river scenery, relaxing with family, friend
Siem Reap,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Experience the fine-dining of Malaysian Culinary...
No : 0512 Acharsva Street Siem Reap - Kingdom of Cambodia. Tel: (855) 063 964 928 Fax: (855) 063 964 446
You can enjoy your ....
National Road 6, or more commonly known as Highway No.6 in Siem Reap
Welcome to Lotus Pond Restaurant and Bar

Popular Place (Loas)

This delightfully friendly capital, studded with crumbling French mansions, bougainvillea­-blooming streets and steaming noodle stalls, is ......
Luang Prabang
Colour is the first of Luang Prabang’s virtues to greet travellers. Pearly frangipanis.....
Vang Vieng
Nestled beside the Nam Song (Song River) amid stunningly beautiful limestone karst terrain, Vang ....

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