Why establish the Foundation (AMAL JARIAYH) In Cambodia?

The YOUNES Foundation is a new charitable body established by YOUNES Tourism and Muslim communities in Cambodia to assist in the Muslims development of Cambodia. As many Muslim visitors to Cambodia are aware, the Cambodian people especially Cambodian Muslim people have endured many years of tragedy and suffering. First there was the long and bloody civil war in the early 1970s which tore the nation apart. This culminated in the Khmer Rouge coming to power, who turned the clocks back to ‘Year Zero’ and embarked on a genocide which was responsible for the deaths of almost two million Cambodians through execution, famine, overwork and disease. This was not the end of Cambodia’s suffering. The population endured several years of harsh famine and the Vietnamese ‘liberation’ soon became an occupation, lasting until 1989. The long civil war rumbled on and didn’t finally come to a close until 1998. The results of this turbulent and terrible history, nearly three decades of war, genocide, famine and occupation, are evident for all to see.
Infant mortality rates are among the highest in Asia; healthcare facilities are woefully inadequate in much of the country; clean water is hard to come by in the countryside; Most of Muslims People live behind Education. There are about 1 million of Malayu Cahampa (100% Muslim) are living in Cambodia mostly Locate at Kampong Cham Province. The Muslims lacks the Human resources especially to Economic Status and, sometimes, the will to be able to adequately address the situation. This paints a very bleak picture. However, Cambodians Muslim People are resourceful and resilient and are slowly but surely rebuilding their lives. There are many Muslim brothers and Sisters In Cambodia and Oversea such as Malaysia, Arabic, Brunei, USA (NGOs) offering a helping hand on this long road to recovery and the YOUNES Foundation(AMAL JARIAYH) will support a selection of these projects, as well as implementing our own initiatives in areas of urgent need.

 What will the Foundation (AMAL JARIAYH) do?

YOUNES Tourism has always been a keen supporter of responsible Amal Jariayh such as Qurban, Zarkat and Sudkoh. We try our best to support Muslims Communities projects to assist disadvantaged Cambodians Muslim, including Orphans Project, Renovation or build Madrosah, Mosque, Surove to the new Village ,Teacher and Students fee projects especially Education project. However, we believe we can and should do more to help the underprivileged and impoverished in Cambodia.

Many of our international visitors ask us ‘how can we help?’ and in the past we have directed them to such worthy of Floating village.1- there are 100 families are living in the Boat with fishing work. We build sorove which rule both Masjid and Madrosah. There are 70 students and 2 teachers. 2- Orphans project such to support school fee in Campong Cham Province. 3- Provide salary to 50 teachers at Crouch Chmar District and Clong District. We will continue to support such Skill Training projects, but we plan to develop initiatives of our own to target vulnerable communities in the poorest parts of Cambodia. We have already earmarked several communities for assistance based on our current Halal tour itineraries.

We also plan to work with a selected group of NGOs such as Muslim association from national and international who are making an impact on the lives of Cambodians. We have chosen a combination with International Dubai Phnom Penh Mosque of causes to ensure you can assist in any area of development, be it healthcare, education, child welfare, landmine clearance, Religion preservation and the promotion of Islam in to Cambodia and International scene.

YOUNES contribution

In order to demonstrate our commitment to making Amal Jariyah for positive change in Cambodia, we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is! To that end, YOUNES Tourism will contribute a certain amount of money to kick start The YOUNES Foundation and will add a minimum amount every year thereafter. The separate bank account to run The YOUNES Foundation is Toun HJ Imam SMANN MOHAMMAD Imam Masjid International Dubai Phnom Penh Mosque.

Contributions from our partners

Many of our partners already support good causes around the globe. We will welcome contributions from our partners looking to assist development in Cambodia. This can be in the form of direct contributions to The YOUNES Foundation to help fund our anti-poverty projects in the remote provinces of the north or through donations to our partner organizations working throughout the country to improve the lives and livelihoods of the Cambodian people especially Cambodian Muslim People. Let us know the sort of activities you are interested in supporting and we can advise on the best way to assist.

Contributions from our guests

Naturally, we don’t want anyone to feel obliged to contribute to Cambodia’s development. The YOUNES Foundation is our way of trying to help, but we won’t be forcing it upon guests that come to Cambodia. However, for those that show an interest in assisting, we will offer them information with details of our projects in Cambodia. We will also establish a series of visits for prospective donors or sponsors. We have to tread carefully here, as we don’t want to waste the time and resources of NGOs and association in the country, but for visitors with a genuine interest in assisting Cambodia, this could be a very educational experience. Working with our selected partners, we will arrange half-day visits to their flagship project in return for a fixed donation to the organization. It is to be hoped such visits will foster a lasting relationship with Cambodia through the sponsorship of individuals and organizations.

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